Ms. Choya (Ru Jiang Zhi Jing) is a post-90 generation we-media professional with topics targeting the 90s, from beauty, love affairs, to travel. Choya studied in Xiamen University, National Chengchi University and National Chiao Tung University and has over 10 years experience as an editor and contributor for different magazine, including Qing Nian Wen Zhai magazine and Yilin magazine. She is also recognised by New Concept Writing Competition with First Prize.

She founded Jing Yu Gong Zuo Shi, a we-media KOL platform which focuses mainly on WeChat. The company has over 230 million+ followers, focusing on career, lifestyle, beauty and makeup, parenting, to a wide range of topics that aim to inspire and empower modern ladies. 

With the high popularity, her articles on WeChat, Ru Jiang Zhi Jing, are always shared in other journals and magazines WeChat. account, including People’s Daily, Du Hao Shu, Si Xiang Ju Jiao, Vision (Shi Jue Zhi), Hugo, Bfaner etc.