THEME: the entrepreneur’s passport

Shenzhen | 27 October 2018

We held the third edition of Female Entrepreneurs Day (FED) at The Hilton Hotel, Shenzhen, in China. Over 200 female entrepreneurs from over 10 different cities took part in the conference.

FED hosted by FEW is to help increase budding entrepreneurs’ and business women’s networks, knowledge and influence.

“I'm so proud to bring together so many women of the new age, in a thriving city like Shenzhen,” said Anna Wong, the Co-founder of FEW.


A common rumour that still circulates is that women can’t have it all. During morning session, Alice Chiu, Chairman of Operation Smile, disagreed with this statement and gave advice on how to manage a successful and balanced life, using her own life as an example. In addition, the celebrity actress, Grace Wong, spoke about her own personal experience and believes that women can do anything they want. She said that there is absolutely no limit on what we can achieve and she wants to empower more women and mentor the next generation.


“The energy was awesome!” said Ines Co-founder of FEW, “all our attendees loved hearing the different women’s stories, insights and advice. Each one of them had something inspirational to share.” She added that she particularly enjoyed hearing from famous KOLs Jessie Li, Susan Su and CK on the importance of personal branding and content for creating a successful business.


The panel of Women of the New Generation included Joanna Lui, founder of Cha Bei, grand- daughter of Lui Chee Woo, Ruth Chao, founder of Ruth Chao Studio, Angie Lau, advisor for Li Ka Shing Foundation, and Kelly Lau from Forbes China. They each shared their passion and enthusiasm as entrepreneurs of the new generation, and see the importance of having a network that can support the personal and business development of women business owners. Other speakers included the investors Carman Chan and Jessie Lam, and they gave insight into a growing numbers of investors are willing to invest in female-led projects especially in China. We also enjoyed a fashion showcase from designer Grace Chen, encouraging women “not to dress like men to be taken seriously”.


This year was a huge success, it brought together the FEW community to help share and inspire entrepreneurial experiences. Next year’s FED will be held in Singapore, and the team hopes to see you there!



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