Leigh-Ann Luckett

With a background in marketing, communication strategy development and execution; a fast-growing love for wine led South African, Leigh-Ann Luckett wants to a change in industry.  Her year managing consumer-focused communications and experiences at a boutique wine estate in the historic Stellenbosch region only served to fuel her thirst for learning more about wine.  Hong Kong, being one of the most dynamic and fast-growing wine markets in the world, was a natural next stop.  After finding her feet in the market with a long-established wine importer and distributor, the dynamic start-up world began to call.

In September 2018, Madison Fine Wine Auction was established. The first local Hong Kong auction house, MFWA aims to provide access to rigorously authenticated fine and rare wines from across the world with fair and transparent commission structures while harnessing technology and innovation to ensure ease of access and use.  The opportunity to join a dynamic, hands-on team focused on bringing innovation and new energy to an historically opaque segment of the industry attracted Leigh-Ann to join the team.

MFWA will host quarterly auctions starting December 2018.  With a vision towards harnessing technology to create the world’s most efficient and client friendly auction platform, the auction catalogue is available both via the website (https://bid.mfwauction.com) and iOS and Android apps (MFWAuction), allowing buyers to easily place absentee bids, browse the catalogue and watch and bid live online during the sale.