Sally Victoria Benson, Co-founder of Macau Lifestyle

Sally Victoria Benson is the co-founder and editorial director for Macau Lifestyle. She is a professionally trained Actress and spent 6+ years acting on tv and movies in China- Speaking Mandarin, before she co-founded Macau Lifestyle 

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About Macau Lifestyle

Macau Lifestyle Media Ltd. is a young media company dedicated to promoting Macau, founded in 2015 by Katya Maia and Sally Victoria Benson.

Macau Lifestyle is more than just another website about a city – it goes further. It is building a sense of community. The website uncovers hidden hotspots, locates essential service providers, covers upcoming events, and offers reviews on cuisine and entertainment. It also provides profiles of the local characters that enrich the city.


What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running a business?
The hardest lesson for me was to accept that you never really switch off. It's impossible to not be thinking about your businsess. I thought i’d be able to have 'me' time and even when you have 'me' time, you still have the business on the mind.

Can you share a bit about your fundraising journey so far -- mistakes to avoid and best practices? We had an initial loan from the government of Macau as part of their young entrepreneurial scheme. It was helpful but no where near enough to fund our business, which we didn't completely realise back then. We haven't taken on any funding since but if I had the time over, i’d have raised more initially. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it?


On growing a team...
Running a business isn't a solo job. You have to grow your team if you want to grow. Take time to hire the right people. Invest time and money in helping them grow and develop within your business. Listen to their ideas, respect their opinions and make them feel valued as a member of the team and business. Gifts are good too. Everyone loves gifts! haha

On building credibility and trust with your customers, your stakeholders, your business partners
Time, consistency and a good attitude. Keep doing good work, knocking on those doors, asking for favours and then just give it time. You will gain the creditbility and trust the correct way.

On top three things someone should consider before starting their own business
1. Is this life for you? instability, low pay, long hours? Can you do it? You need to be self motivated with you are your own boss, if you don’t have this personality, it can be a hard few years.

2. Is your idea actually good or you just think it’s good? make sure you do some research, evaluate your idea and the market you want ot launch it in, how does your business make money?

3. Do you have a decent savings account? investment to fund the idea or someone to pay your bills while you earn no money initially?